Inspiration Africa

Inaya Zanzibar strives to recreate the magic of Africa in all our products.

We find inspiration from all corners of the African continent, starting from our very own home here in Zanzibar, where we find and sustainably source our sea salt, honey and raw sugar, all the way to West Africa for our Shea butters that go into our handmade soaps, we believe that the magic of Africa can be found in its natural beauty and immense resources.

We carefully select fragrance combinations for each product that showcase and create an African sensory experience.

Bestseller: 7 Precious Oils

This is evident to all who have tried our signature 7 precious oils, that we make using pure African oils, blended to create a perfect representation of Africa’s beauty and enchantment.

"Takes me back to Paradise. I first purchased Inaya’s 7 Precious hair and body oil in a tiny boutique at our resort on Zanzibar back in 2016. It only took one use and we were in love! This oil absorbs quickly, feels incredibly moisturizing, and the smell is delicious like a tropical breeze reminding me of our Zanzibar Holiday every time I use it."

Our all woman production team, who are the hands and heart behind each one of our products, represent the beauty of African people. Each product is made with care, hand blended, hand stamped and finally hand packed by our incredible team of African woman.

All Tanzanian women production team.

If you have never been to Africa, then we recommend it becomes one of your priorities!

Inaya Zanzibar, Inspired by Africa, Made on Zanzibar

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